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8" Soup/Salad Bowl - $56ea.
10 1/2" Dinner Plate - $64ea.
8" Salad/Dessert Plate - $48ea.
Shown in Colored Fleur and Dragonfly Patterns
Available in most all patterns we do, price will vary depending on complexity of design.

Top: 4" Square - $20ea. 3 1/2" Round - $16ea.
(l to r) LG'er Bird, Fleur, Tweety Bird, Sweety Bird, Dragonfly
Center: Almond Bowls, 5 1/2"long by 1 1/2" deep - $32ea.
(l to r) Grn Leaf, B&W Leaf, Dragonfly
Bottom: Pistol Dish, 6"long x 4"wide - $34ea.
(l to r) Tweety Bird, Black Bird, Dragonfly

5" high and hold 15 oz.
of a hot or cold beverage - $42 ea.
Top to Bottom:
Tweety Birds: one on each side in alternating colors
LG'er Bird: one large bird encircling the mug ($44ea.) 
Dragonfly: one on each side, one up, one down
Green Leaf: three stems around, also in B&W
Poppies: three poppies around mug
Sweety Birds: three flying around
B&W Birds: one on each side, also available
with Black Birds and white accents
These dishes come in three nesting sizes with the largest being 13"l x 6"w -  $72ea.
Medium and Small are slightly smaller 
and are $62ea. and $52ea.
These are usally painted with similar 
(each pair being the only two ever like that!)
as well as TREES and POPPIES
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Spooning out your favorite entree from a special hand crafted dish is an enhancement to your food and to your life!