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This is one of the latest sets we've made with our Square plates,
we also have three different round plate versions
8" Soup/Salad Bowl - $64ea. and up
10 1/2" Dinner Plate - $78ea. and up
8" Salad/Dessert Plate - $58ea. and up
Price depends on dish and design, a custom work fee will be charged when all plates are different designs as above.

These are available in the patterns shown:
Small Rnd w/ Sweety Bird -$16ea, Med Rnd w/ Hummingbird - $24ea.
Small Square w/ Tweety or LG'R Bird - $20ea.
Almond shape Bowl w/ Dragonfly, Leaf, Heliconia or Sweety Bird - $34ea.
Pistol shape dish w/ Dragonfly, Bird of Paradise, Black Bird or Tweety Bird - $36ea.
These range from 3" to 7"
5" high and hold 15 oz.
of a hot or cold beverage - $44 ea.
We do these in more designs, but these are
 our most popular
top: Tweety Bird, has Yellow bird w/red feautured on reverse
bottom: Dragonfly, LG'R Bird, Bird of Paradise,
these each have same pattern on reverse
These dishes come in three nesting sizes with the largest being 13"l x 6"w -  $72ea.
Medium and Small are each slightly smaller 
and are $62ea. and $52ea.
These are usually painted with similar 
(each pair being the only two ever like that!)
or Tropical flora

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Spooning out your favorite entree from a special hand crafted dish is an enhancement to your food and to your life!
Shallow Oval Bowls w/Small 'Feet' on bottom
Small: 6"l x 5"w - $40 ea. availble in Dragonfly,
Bird of Paradise, Sweety Bird of Hummingbird
Medium: 8"l x 6 1/2"w - $72 in Bird of Paradise,
Dragonfly or Poppy
Larger: Poppy 12 1/2"l x 6"w - $134
Bird Pattern 14 1/2"l x 7"w - $176
And also in a larger 20"l x 9"w size for $245 and up
The larger sizes are always one of a kind, it is a fun
challenge to design a new pattern on each one!
I can send pics of what we have on hand, or we can always make a custom one.