Large Lidded Pots
These all vary in size, shape, and design
and range from 12" - 24"h for $365 - $765ea.
Small Lidded Pots
Average 5" - 8"h for $168 - $226ea.

Assorted Small  & Medium Vases -
each one always unique! 
7"-10"h -$72-226ea.

Assorted Larger Vases -
12" - 24"h - $268-$450ea.

'Mix-matched RedBirds' Lamp Pair
16"h x 10"w - $385 ea.
Our lamps are always one-of-a-kinds, unless they are done in pairs - and even then each one has it's own specialness.
Price range from $224-650 ea.
If you aren't in a hurry, you may even custom order with
your own size and design preference.
(Some limitations, of course)
Singles - $28ea.
Doubles - $32ea.
Triples - $38ea.
Quads - $42ea.
All sizes available in all of these patterns, tho it will look different on each size
Top, l to r:
DragonFly, Bird of Paradise, Black Bird
Mid., l to r:
Sweety Birds, Tweety Birds
Bot., l to r:
LG'R Bird, Poppies
(all images on this site copyrighted)
'TreeTop' Shaded  Lamp
22"h x 15"w - $585ea.
These unique lamps have handmade shades with a double socket feature that creates a lovely downcast light. These come in several different base and shade styles and sizes and can have light holes included around the shade for better light dispersion.
Price range from $545 to $735ea.
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